The Octogenarians

Flynn registers as a foreign agent( working for Turkey for $530,000(per year?)and since when?Wikileaks releases key CIA tracking codes and tools,Comey gives confidential reports to congressional investigative committees which likely contradict Trumps claim of Obama targeting,lying Ryan pushes a non starter ACA replacement saying that it’s the only possibility and pushing for passage before scoring by the congressional budget committee,China approves 38 more Trump patents,Trump ban on legal and illegal immigration is objected to by three states.Want more? Just stay tuned ;even Fox news is taken aback.Sessions is now calling for investigation of the Justice Department under Obama.
There was a time when the office of the President could be relied upon for ” mostly” truth and limited personal exploitation of the office.( including sexual predation)but this Trump White House is beyond the pale( supply your own associations to walls ,antisemitism and Russia).Danny Kaye,we need you to make us laugh…

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