The Octogenarians

International Women’s Day has passed without significant absences;nevertheless there is a sense of increasingly powerful female presence in the air.It may be confidence perfume.It is time for all of us to reexamine the paradoxes that are engulfing us.The raging tweets from POTUS have brought the Trumpeter closer to impeachment.The raging Croesus/Caligula needs to influence dubious republicans to accept a ridiculously inadequate American Healthcare Act that AARP and the AMA as well as several insurers declare unworkable.A media which could be helpful to the trolling Trumpeter if convinced is religiously antagonized,censored and excluded.Even when trotting out Melania( who behaved like it was Ladies Day)Trump had her remarks blocked to the press and reporters shuffled out.His divisive,bellicose style dominates a spineless staff and cabinet.Wrong way Corrigan keeps running toward his own end zone.China has offered a way out of confrontation; because of Trumps rhetoric and need to show toughness we are dealing,not…

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