The Octogenarians

As we say farewell to Black History Week We note in passing Historical Black Colleges and Universities,The first Black congressman in reconstruction times,the National Museum of African American History, Rachel Lindsay,the first Black Bachelorette(smile),and the victories of Black performers and creative artists at the Oscars(though sullied by symbolic interactive error).
We also note the relief of journalistic America that POTUS can look and act presidential even briefly.That this is no justification for a wild initial stock market upsurge deters not at all.There is no explanation of where a 54.3 billion dollar additional allocation is going to come from without destroying critical domestic programs or what it will be used for militarily.A call for elimination of hate is accompanied by a declaration of a VOICE(Victims of immigration crime engagement)agency.Real risk to the nation exists in the continued probability of infiltration and sharing of classified information to Russia while the method for…

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