The Octogenarians

About a month ago the victorious Trumpeter addressed his followers by announcing that he was appointing people who would get things done and he didn’t need them until the next election.
Suddenly he’s on the trail again acting like the candidate Trolling Trumpeter.let me suggest that he can’t function without his family acting in their usual protective roles and he is discovering that despite his numerous protocol violations the family is being limited.The spate of distrustful psychological analyses including Russian evaluations are forcing him back toward a tough guy posture with a campaign promises substrate.Conspiracy theorists suggest that a power elite from both parties is paying for high powered lawyers to prepare impeachment scenarios.which will go to congressional committee lawyers and the NSC when his unpredictability becomes dangerous.He heard Bill O’Reilly’s warning and he is using his version of storm troopers(ICE)and adding to them where he can by ensnaring local…

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