The Octogenarians

So much fun! Let’s try some more.
Trump’s Temporary Ban is based on information previously processed by security operatives of the Obama administration.

Trump’s ban is based on information that was not available to the Obama administration.

Except for the top politicized jobs the data gatherers are the same.

Why do these experts agree that nothing significant has changed.
Why are they quitting in droves?

If radical Islam is the problem and the Obama effort was incompetent,why limit the ban to countries Obama has selected.

Why is the ban temporary if the threat isn’t ?

It is a coincidence that Trump has no financial interests in those 7 countries.

I.C.E. activity has not increased since the inauguration.
I.C E.activity is sweeping up only people who are illegal and who are also criminals.

We will have to permanently restrict individual liberties and constitutional rights in order to cope with the perpetual…

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