The Octogenarians

Yesterday 136 residents of California mostly Angelinos were rounded up by agents of I.C.E.,the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency which is one arm of the Department of Homeland Security created in 2002.These illegal immigrants are perpetrators of felony level crimes and thus instantly deportable. In fact many of the felonies are being disputed in court or are trivial or consequences of trying to work despite illegal status.The trolling Trumpeter turned pugnacious POTUS has thrown down the gauntlet to states that harbor Sanctuary Cities.He has also attacked the Californian Gubernator(Schwarzenegger) and is still smarting from the refusal of the (probably republican)California beach city of Rancho Palos Verdes to rename a street approaching his golf course, Trump Boulevard.The first person to be deported by Trump under this new/old initiative was a 35 year old Arizonan woman who had lived in this country for 11 years and had three citizen children,her violation was…

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