The Octogenarians

The New England Patriots came storming from behind to bring off a Super Bowl victory after appearing to be dead at halftime.Maybe the dazzling half time performance by Lady Gaga put something in the air,but I’m sure they didn’t watch.

The game wan’t a political event since Rachel Maddow and Mike Pence were rooting for the Patriots but Brady and Belichek are Trump supporters.It’s the old story of a young team reaching for too much when just enough would have won.(The third quarter sack and 15 yard loss trying to pass when a running play would have gotten them to winning field goal distance is the case in point.) They also need a defense where holding receivers is not standard modus operandi.There is something relevant to the political scene however you; need a running game,and ability to modify a game plan when consistency can’t stem momentum shift.A world class quarterback,and…

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