The Octogenarians

Another lesson from history, this time from U.K,pre U.S.civil war, informs about the battle between man and machines.Machine made prefab vests,sweaters,socks etc.using lambskin reduced time and income for the muscular types who had done well in the trade.They literally went to war and briefly prevailed until technological progress advanced to where  they had to ask for part of what was purely machine profit.(Machines in which they had no ownership)guns were drawn, police and militia were mobilized, lives were lost and the Luddites lost.A growing percentage of the jobs already lost and being lost today are being lost to machines.Artificial intelligence and robotics are replacing repetitive task workers of ever increasingly complex definition.

As the believers in the Trumpeter’s promises begin to realize that the 1950’s are not coming back and that three and four relatively low paying,and disappearing jobs are required to make up for the 50’s prior security,what form…

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