The Octogenarians

The acquisition of 700 acres of beachfront property in the northern Kiluea region of Hawaii’s Kuai has produced a firestorm of protest against Mark Zuckerberg the multibillionaire whe heads Facebook.Zuckerberg is one of the “good guys” who wants to do good things for people and the world.It is his aesthetic predilection coupled with a need for privacy that caused him to acquire the property and to build a wall.It would seem that the land ” belongs”to a broad family of native Hawaiians as a sort of spiritual heritage.Zuckerberg’s legal folks tracked down and purchased property rights from all they could locate with some evidence of proprietorship.It did not help the OPTICS involved.(I hate that word but it works better for the subject than appearances!)that some received a paltry sum of $500 for their property rights.What are spiritual rights? (shades of native American burial grounds vs drilling opportunity,Amazonian Indian hunting grounds…

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