The Octogenarians

President Obama’s pardon of convicted traitor Chelsea Manning,is explained as a commuting of a partially served sentence rather than a cancellation of a penal penalty.By so doing he has reassured some and outraged many.His message seemed to be a nod to the abused LBGTE community and an indicator that certain crimes don’t need punishment for the length of time that a splenic fury can persist.As 20 million Americans face loss of health coverage,and millions more,are about to be charged for full services after being operated on.The amelioration provided by Medicare Is now being readied for destruction by a GOP that scored a big hit.Now Hear This folks.The thousands of dollars of hospital bills presently eliminated by Medicare will be billed to you and you can and will be susceptible to collection by hospitals and physicians.Hold on to both your hats and your houses if you can!

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