The Octogenarians

I watched the Trolling Trumpeter insult his hoi poloi followers,telling them that he liked billionaires since they knew how to make money , that he didn’t need their votes anymore,and that he’d come back to them in four years.(maybe)The enchanted will say that he was joking but he looked dead serious to me.It brought back G.K.Chestertons satirical essays about human followership, leadership follies with Sunday being an ape of some sort I believe, and the Red headed League being a conspiracy of illusions.

There appears to be increasing concern about the President elect’s psyche,largely based on behavior such as the above but also because of the nature of his appointments.There need be no concern on the part of the faithful because the plans for impeachment prepared for Hilary Clinton will serve quite well for the Trolling Trumpeter should any of his promises to the hoi poloi have meaning and possible…

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