The Octogenarians

In the face of an imminent Clinton victory the GOP made it clear that non cooperation and preparing an impeachment process was to be its strategy.This was to be a continuation of the behavior that left Obama overly dependent on executive orders and subsequent hippocritical accusations of imperial presidency.Now there are calls for unity and cooperation as Trumps due.Looking at what cooperation is being asked for,we see undoing of Obamacare with no concept of a replacenent. Rewriting of Medicare with a voucher system and the return of ineligible prexisting conditions,privatization of social security etc.
The hoopla surrounding Carrier corporations’potential replacement of 1400 jobs becomes 1000 saved 400 lost with a deal promised ( unknown content)by still governor Pence.Looking at the billionaires being put into positions of power makes us wonder if the populist candidate was “Smoke and Mirrors”If we’ve been conned by a pitchman,to whom is an opposition being loyal…

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