The Octogenarians

There are three or four men in the world who can bring civilization to an end.None of them have Islamic names.Presumably this cannot happen without consultation with trusted and informed advisers but in fact the order to let loose nuclear hell can be given without advice and must be obeyed.If you trust the system of advisers take a look at who they are.We don’t know the Russians,or the Chinese,England which has a woman in that position may not have the capability,maybe the French,Maybe Israel but probably not India (Pakistan is already an issue re its nuclear arms).We do know Trump and now we see some of his key advisers.”You”re fired”could become “you’re fried”.
Nuclear devastation is overwhelming and hard to wrap one’s mind around but giving consent for execution by drone is easier to comprehend.What is not easy to see is a precise,surgical,collateral damage minimized process.Look to escalation of the…

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