The Octogenarians

Hillary’s overcautious,run out the clock,approach to the presidency,with the help of a media whose hunger for air time and continued use of a low bar for the Trumpeter has likely ushered in a descent into neo-fascism.Symbolic interaction heralds the rise of the oligarch all over the world in accord with our evolutionary legacy.Trump is our oligarch and has been selected by Putin to blunt the push toward globalism.Putin will probably not abandon Assad but will encourage Trump to use nuclear arms in the Near East.This means that Isis will persist.Nato is savagely weakened and Putin is about to reestablish as much of the old Soviet Union as he has any use for.
Obamacare is dead,there is no replacement,the loss of jobs will continue.Misogyny will increase and the cherished Supreme Court majority will be obtained.As the U.S.reels under problems that require looking forward and a global solution,the Chinese model of state…

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