The Octogenarians

I find myself compulsively watching the election countdown despite the stick and carrot coverage by the media.The rabid emotionalism of the Trump campaign with its accompanying threat of violence, is a constant which tonight resulted in the beating of a protester,the hustling off the stage of the trumpeting Troll,and an attack on a CNN photographer whose camera was taken away.No DS,free speech,a belief in individual liberty and free( but regulated) markets does not define the GOP but rather capitalistic democracy and the Democratic party with all its warts seems better at it.
The Republicans ” coming home” to the Trumpeter despite previously abandoning him on ethical grounds make clear the opportunistic and unethical nature of the political process.Where is the moral/ethical firewall located in a world dominated by the love of money and power? The promise that”we won’t be stopped”coupled with “lock her up” and ” execute her” can only…

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