Are women accidentally the authors?

The Octogenarians

Recent work with the skeletal remains of an archaic species Homo Nalidi,as reported by Carolyn Von Sickle Visiting Asst.Professor of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr,in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of American Scientist,indicate a complex relationship between nutrition,social cooperation and the shape of the hominid pelvis.Apparently archaic traits and more modern traits are often intermixed in the hominid story.As best as I can understand,lacking knowledge in paleoanthropology,the bowl-shaped pelvis of the female hominid including homo sapiens(us) is needed to allow passage of a big brained fetus through the birth canal.The posture and ground covering capability associated seem linked more firmly than to predation and hunting.Paleoanthropology seems to suggest that the sapience of homo depended on female pelvic adaptation.
In the same issue American Scientist Susan C.Alberts,Robert F Durden Professor of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke U. Discusses the survival of wild infant baboons in the Amboselli basin of Southern Kenya.In this…

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