The Octogenarians

The arguments put forth by Trump and his core supporters who include survivalists,neo-nazis ,new aryans and the likes of Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter on the distaff side,are not benign.The core argument is identified by David Perry(disability journalist and Professor of History at Dominican Universitywriting for the Io/17/2016 L.A. Times),as ABLEISM.It is a philosophy emphasizing fitness,mental following upon physical,derides incapacity and is closely tied to the California based eugenics of the 1920s and to the.Nazi myth of aryan superiority.(Discussed previously on this blog)It is an accompanying theme through the history of genocide,race purification and human trafficking including female subordination and abuse.This is the leitmotif of Trumpism.
On the Democratic side of things political we have Hillary and her championing of the underdog and children(particularly disabled children) as a persistent theme despite the obligatory opportunism which characterizes the politician.Above all we have Michael Kainethe catholic ex missionary whose concern for all…

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