The Octogenarians

Hillary Clinton declared that when the November 8th election is over,should she win,Donald Trump will be quieted and will disappear.I think that she is wrong.The Donald is setting the stage for an ongoing struggle about the orderly transfer of power through the electoral procee.This orderly transfer is the hallmark of American democracy History tells us how Hitler became chancellor through grinding subversion,fear and hate mongering,scapegoating and Goebbel’s use of the big lie.The shameful endorsement of conspiracy accusations by some Republican elites is reminiscent of German nobility and industrialist behavior.Trumpism will not go away even if he does.
The thinking that caused me to predict the Brexit win in the UK,(Hume,Hegel,Jung,Marx)prompts me to predict that in the face of national repudiation,Trump will encourage the rigged election ruckus,then leave the field to ostentatiously visit Russia.This would be primarily a thumbs to nose salute to America and Our civilized allies.I would predict that…

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