The Octogenarians

Trump uses other people’s money…Trump low balls legitimate debts,Trump lies,Trump cheats,Trump bullies,RMV in his brilliant analysis,asks “where and how can he be stopped?)The empire of the 4th estate must play umpire and cry foul when appropriate.
The dog whistle calling for profiling and appealing to police nationwide as an endangered band of brothers has been accompanied by the questionable shooting death of at least three more males of color.Rioting and mayhem threaten to overwhelm us.Page of Maine wants to fight a duel(against whom is unclear).What does a duel using AR 15s,AK 47s,Glocks or Uzis look and sound like? It was bad enough using black powder and muzzle loaded dueling pistols to be outlawed.Does Trump’s America mean finding out?
RMV tells us that the umpires(media) need to call foul but the Trump diversionary tactic is already underway.THE DEBATE IS RIGGED he bawls.
His consolatory message to black people about Tulsa “what…

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