The Octogenarians

Yes,in this analysis Trump is the Joker and Hillary is Wonder Woman.The joker keeps getting away with sinister muttering and Wonder Woman keeps acting as though she were sensitive to s world full of kryptonite.No Hillary,that would be Supergirl and there’s something ominous about that character.(loose cannon?)
Let’s revert to our more comfortable tennis symbolism.The truly great tennis players excel in one or more aspects of the game.For some it is the serve,for others the forehand or backhand or volley.For the Trumpeter it is the offhand and the bobble volley.The offhand is the masterful no hands stroke of the off the cuff remark which resists contextualizing when used with the bobble volley.(“believe me”,” definitely”,”you know what I mean”)Trump’s latest offhand shot “take away the guns from her security detail and let’s see what happens to her”.If this seems like a renewal of the threat the the second amendment people might…

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