The Octogenarians

A number of posts to this blog have dealt with issues involving Yale University.The issues have included visits by supreme court justice alumni,renaming of Calhoun College,new campuses, (domestic and international) and 1960’s era recommendations of A.K.Rice re:Yale Medical School.The latter recommendations which I had considered “missing” were generously made available by President Salovey’s chief of staff (J.McGrath) allowing me to confirm a judgement made on this blog that Yale by now,had probablygone beyond those recommendations.(which were not accepted at the time)Nevertheless a review of that document was highly instructive both as to the brilliance of A.K.Rice and, that notwithstanding,the correctness of the decision.

Ken Rice used concepts of boundaries,inputs,throughputs and outputs quite masterfully in support of the major premise that the Medical School ,Nursing School,Mental Health Center,and School of Public Health had a responsibility to the surrounding community,the state and the nation that required the positioning of the patient and…

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