The Octogenarians

There have been a number of books recently examining the diminished aspiration and status of the white blue collar(primarily male) worker.The latest of these,J.B.Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy focuses on the people of Appalachia both in situ and in exodus.The interest in this group is no doubt related to the Trump candidacy and his appeal to this group.Female headed or dominated households and their association with dysfunctionality,absent or non contributory fathers with or without alcoholism or drugs as an intermediary,resistance to or inability to function within an inadequate educational system and most important the generational replication of these ills are noteworthy.These very same characteristics have been associated with the black family for a century or more with an accompanying “to be  expected” attitude.

As the unavailability of jobs for the blue collar (male and female) worker grows, the destructive effect of economic disparity and inequity is hammered home.”White Privilege” which has allowed…

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