The Octogenarians

The Trump…eter has done it again.This time it’s not only irresponsible, it’s dangerous and criminal.His” Maybe the second amendment people can do something” is clearly a call to gun violence against a future Hillary Clinton Presidency.It is the same call that Sarah Engel issued against Harry Reid.That call resulted in her overwhelming defeat as a “nut”.
The message is that “they” are going to take away” your” guns destroying “your” constitutionally given second amendment gun rights.Most serious constitutional scholars do not believe that the constitution’s gun rights were individual rights as such but basically militia rights that would enable locally constituted militias to oppose tyrannical assault by foreign or domestic tyrants without the financially based muster capability that might come from a central or for that matter a local government.The were not Kashkalnikoff or AR 15 rights they were ball and powder musket ordinance intended. More important is the control…

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