The Octogenarians

JTG has drawn to my attention  the N.Y. Times/ N.Y. Daily News vs N.Y. Post coverage of the Donald’s draft status during the Vietnamese war.In fact JTG, the story of his educational deferments and the subsequent 4F(still a classification at the time?)categorization due to  tiny bone spurs is reasonably well known. It’s the old story of the power of money.As an old collegiate intramural boxer(ill advised) it is my considered opinion that Putin knows that with the boxing gloves on Hillary would keep getting off the floor and keep punching (through her tears) while the Trump..eter would be backing away after the first blow landed and looking to tap someone to come into the ring even though it was the wrong sport.

The ethical barrier to the professional guilds taking a stand on psychological competence is of interest here. Many of the generals are speaking out despite admonishment, because of…

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