The Octogenarians

The following is from a former student in response to a forwarded message re Trump:

Reviewing all that you forwarded demonstrates enormous insight.It would seem to me that more from psychiatry and sociology would be in order.To wit,we were required to read Civilization and its Discontents in your course and I recall 50 years later a statement therein to the effect that the overwhelming history of mankind has been governed by dictatorships.

Concurrently, we were reading an assignment in George Huaco’s course on social theory and more specifically,Karl Marx who often wrote that capitalism would sow the seeds of its own destruction. What the Clinton campaign should be doing is hiring some retired psychiatrists and psychologists from the CIA to profile Trump and treat him as a foreign dictator in their analysis.It is obvious that he is well into a course of psychiatric dissembling.

And all of this after so…

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