The Octogenarians

Demos means of,by,or upon the people.Among the Greek city states only Athens seems to have qualified for less than 200 years.The United States has officially supported the overthrow of “democratically”elected radical governments in the past and “democratically”elected Islamic governments in a more recent past.Our official stand in the current coup attempt in Turkey is to support a democratically elected government.The problem is that the current Turkish President is an Islamist ruthlessly moving toward the suppression of western ways and the infusion of Shaaria law.The support of the people is not so much for him as it is for a Turkish nationalism which is both hopeful and primitive.Secularism and the preservation of “democracy” were entrusted to the military by no less a figure than Attaturk,the founder of the modern Turkish state, for good reason.
There is no good outcome possible.The idea of a coup is repugnant and the leaders seem focusedly…

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