The Octogenarians

The two candidates for presidential office have suspended their activities for the day in deference to the horrors of the Dallas shootings.There had been no thought of suspending campaigns based on the shootings of two black men alone.Perhaps there should not have been, but there is something bothersome about retaliation with police targeted being needed to indicate the enormity of the events.Meanwhile in Long Beach CA.A POLICEMAN CONVICTED OF MULTIPLE RAPES UNDER COVER OF OFFICE AND RELEASED UNDER $2,000,000 BAIL HAS COMMITTED SUICIDE.The confluence of events is a reminder that better evaluations of potential police needs to be done.The training phase of things may be too late.
The only group that may be content with the ruin of 12 shot officers,five dead.One dead retaliator(killed by a robotic device after declaring his hatred and intent to kill whites particularly cops)would be the NRA. More guns for everyone boys?

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