The Octogenarians

This time it was Baton Rouge LA.Of course there were several others in between.but this police shooting of yet another black man bears an eerie resemblance to the shooting in N.Y. of the big man who was selling loose cigarettes.This father of five was selling DVDS and was no doubt carrying a gun to protect himself from two legged predators.The camera footage shows him pinned and the gun inaccessible but worse it captures the panic and projected fear or hatred accompanying the fusillade of shots fired by the two police into the supine and defenseless(offenceless as well)Alton Sterling.
Before we can say Jack Robinson( not Jackie),the next day,a man named Philandro Carlisle is captured on video shot to death in his car,in Minnesota with his girlfriend and child looking on.Grotesquely, we can see that his arm(the one that reached for the requested license) has been blown off)and we hear theā€¦

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