The Octogenarians

The response of the republican faithful to the Trump candidacy has been startling.Accusations have flown that he is no true conservative,that his acerbic attacks on Mexicans,immigrants in general,and particularly women, makes him duck soup for an opposing democrat.Certainly Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bernie Sanders.His remaining competition is down to Kasich( no chance) and Cruz who has been called “Lucifer in the flesh” and “the meanest s.o.b.I’ve ever tried to work with”by John Boehner,former speaker of the house and still beaming from his interchange with Pope Francis.Perhaps that meeting with the Pope gives him more credibility than normal in recognizing a devil incarnate.
The assault of the Trump…eters on the inequity issue has legs.Two 2015 contributions to Alternet by Paul Krugman tell us why.In one of the articles he indicates the false beliefs about the poor held to by the rich.In the other he indicates that holding on to economic…

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