The Octogenarians

There is much talk in the media and generally, about the crisis of the Republican party.The crisis is seen to be of existential proportions and to go well beyond the upcoming election.It is less well bruited about that there is a parallel crisis in the Democratic party, although not of existential proportions.The crises are due to the wide recognition of an elite whose intensely serviced interests transcend and may be opposed to those of the hoi poloi.(Romney’s 47% )Remember all the 99 per centers,the dignity crusaders and the Black Lives Matter protesters? These sounds are the sounds of the cobblestones of Paris being torn up 21st century style.The KKKers and the white supremacists represent their own Nazi style,hate based agenda and are the natural result of the southern strategy adopted by the republican party shortly after the only partially successful civil rights protests of the 1960s.
We see a black…

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