The Octogenarians

Last Friday evening or early Saturday morning,supreme court justice Antonin Scalia died.Indisputably the foremost adherent to and definer of strict constructionist thought Scalia turned the supreme court away from constitutional “progressivism”(a living document)and the interpretation of legislation as an expression of the will of the legislators, to the strict meaning of the words when written.He was not popular within the court because he was combative and acerbic but his was a soaring intellect that shone both in writing majority decisions and in dissent.
We have spoken of him in this blog.(Yale Law School honoring 4 justices and his defense of limiting minority aspiration to less arduous channels.)Despite being a graduate of Harvard law he admitted being intimidated by the WASP power elite who denied him Princeton undergraduate access.The son of ambitious and successful immigrants he needed to be constantly on the alert and prepared to deal with challenge.He shaped the…

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