The Octogenarians

The military retirement board has spoken and 4 star general David Petraeus will retire as a 4 star general.This despite his conviction for sharing classified information with his biographer/mistress.There is little question that his service to this country was extraordinary.Unfortunately his disservice was also of magnitude.I do not believe that personal misbehavior should hugely impact career and yet it does.When that behavior impacts classified material I find myself less certain.Justice Clarence Thomas was approved by four votes probably because behavior outside of government office was kept out of congressional testimony by Joe Biden.(Interestingly Thomas played the race card!)Petraeus is certainly owed the same amnestic consideration ,subsequent disloyalty to his commander in chief notwithstanding…Is there misogyny here as well?Even with a consenting and facilitating adult? Line personnel have been demoted for less;and what about judgment?Is there something that we can learn from sexually induced misbehavior.(Bill Clinton where have you gone?)

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