We await the denial of the veracity of these references as representing a left bias. One of the characteristics of the far right is the capacity to create their own history by creating their own facts.

The Octogenarians

We’ve traveled along far enough to reexamine our intent,content and pervading mood.Some have been pleased by our content but found fault with the length of the commentary.Others find things just right.Some find the recounting of so much wrong disheartening.All we can do is to reaffirm our intent to create dialogue particularly across generational lines,hoping to engage those whose familiarity with digital reality is greater than ours.We have lived through and experienced a lot;we have seen the power of instant communication,social media and encryption.We think we know some of what works and what doesn’t and some of why.We wish to share.
A few days ago the results of a 13 month investigation,Chicago’s attorney general issued a first degree murder indictment against an officer Van Dyke(with a history of using excessive force)who arrived last on a scene of confrontation between armed officers with drawn guns and a PCP high 17 year old…

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