Our own dissenters will always push the pendulum further than is entirely reasonable but it is far better to let it swing back than to crush them and force them into the 3 dimensional chess game as someone else’s pawns.The alliance of the civilized must be preserved and so the three dimensional game must go on and all allies friends as well as frenemies must be in it.We cannot see it as the proxy wars that preceded WWII.

The Octogenarians

Civilization is still reeling from the murderous assault of radical Islam on Paris two days ago.It is becoming clear that compromise may be impossible with forces and minds that wish to restore the 16th century.The integrity of the civilized world including its health is of fundamental import and as D.S. has suggested very possibly one of the reasons that a federal government might not unreasonably wish to preempt health care, but the rest of the admonition using examples of Obama Care and the V.A. system as failures is not valid. Having trained in V.A. systems at a time when it was an outstanding clinical and research entity(a twenty year period roughly from 1950 to 1970)and having watched its deterioration from congressional neglect,(both funding wise and oversight wise)We must understand the bureaucratic cover up that took the place of oversight. Obamacare has added 16 million Americans to the roster of thoseā€¦

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