We’re still following the money,next into health care.

The Octogenarians

Back in the late 40s as a freshman and sophomore at Columbia college. I was in several classes with football players who hooted and made distracting noises.They were particularly offensive in Humanities MB1 the music course.One day I asked the music teacher why he didn’t make them leave the course. He shrugged and said something like they need the exposure too.The facts were that he was slight and frail and they were big and beefy.The facts also were (unknown to me at the time) that they were bringing in relatively big dollars to the campus(although for the most part Columbia’s teams were a joke.)Fast forward to this year at the University of Missouri where campus protest over racial slurs and abuse backed by the threat of not playing a non conference game (with the loss of over one million dollars)brought down the president and the chancellor.Several months ago a lower…

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