The Octogenarians

RMV writes:

A true story!Once upon a time in one of the largest cities in New Hampshire there existed a splendid community mental health center staffed by a formidable team of nurses, social workers,psychologists and a group of well-known,respected,conscientious psychiatrists known for their advocacy for and commitment to the chronically and severely mentally ill.(CSMI)Many,if not most of the 4000 clients were on New Hampshire’s version of outpatient commitment as they hung on the margin of rehabilitation versus re-hospitalization,The quality of the Center’s work and its level of success gained national recognition in the 90s.Monies from reductions in inpatient utilization had been carefully reallocated to New Hampshire’s community system to ensure the adequacy of that program.The last medical director, a noted proponent of care for the CSMI population was literally available 24/7 by phone or in person to the Center and area emergency rooms to reach out to one his own…

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