The Octogenarians

RMV writes:
This past Wednesday the third of three celebrated Republican debates occurred.What most folks don’t realize (the well to do half of our nation) is that it was broadcast on a CNBC available only to those prosperous enough to receive their television via cable or dish.It was not broadcast on ordinary television. The regular NBC network chose not to broadcast the debate. It was unavailable to most Americans who for three generations have received their TV via “PUBLIC TELEVISION”.We hear that the “left” is fomenting class war,that income and class don’t matter.Well last time I paid my cable bill,it ran $200 /month.For how many ordinary American families,mom and dad both working to meet the costs of necessities is another $200/month an implausible luxury?Let’s remember as we rate the various Republican candidates,one against the other,in the name of democracy that half of our fellow Americans were denied the same privilege.Not…

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