The Octogenarians

There have been two more episodes of gun madness since north Oregon.There is the element of contagion in these but that accentuates rather than diminishes the danger.In view of the enormity of these events,  the negative response of a community to a presidential visit pursuant to the event requires examination.

President Obama in his role as chief mourner and sympathizer showed up in Roseburg in the wake of the Umpqua Community College shootings and was preceded by a mass demonstration mostly in  favor of maintaining guns and declaring that his presence was”political” and aimed at removing their guns.In fairness,there were some who applauded his presence and condemned gun madness.They were clearly in the minority. The “gunsels”(nineteenth century slang  for gunslingers?)were allowed to assemble fully armed in the public streets.For these people Obama is that “other” who wishes to take from them something of value symbolic of defiance,independence and power.A view…

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