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The Octogenarians

Of course it’s happened again.This time a community college campus in Northern Oregon is the site of carnage.It’s like a broken recorder playing a loony tune.Traumatized victims,numbed local officials,an embarrassed angry governor, an angry,saddened president…Where is the “good guy with a gun”?Clearly ,according to the NRA, we need more guns to stop the bad guys.The supreme court has already spoken declaring “the right to bear arms” an essential part of the second amendment and applicable not only to militias but to individuals.The howling about mental illness is about to begin again and congress under threat of the NRA will no doubt once again refuse to act.

There are those who will shout that this is an example of the “War on Christianity”.Unfortunately the perpetrator was a would be survivalist and a lover of military paraphernalia and display who can’t  be labeled as a leftist.

Maybe there will be some restriction…

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