The juistices are all catholic.Many of those refusing to attend and considering their demurral to be of significance were catholic.
On the west coast we’re getting a new sense of the abuse of money through the actions of some very rich Saudis termed sheiks.The behavior ranged from speeding million dollar cars through residential areas to sexual battery and enslavement. Flying out of the country on a special jet was only available to one who claimed he had diplomatic immunity.

The Octogenarians

A very good man spoke to our congress yesterday,He happens to be the Bishop of Rome.He was not interpreting the word of God ex cathedra.He’s not allowed to.But he said some really interesting things about greed,waste, climate change and succor to the poor.(Not suckering the poor, prime mortgage lenders, succoring them!)He condemned a throw away culture and probably didn’t know that he was echoing psychoanalytic(Freudian) object relations theory.If you waste things it makes it easy to waste people.He asked us to save our planet for it is God’s gift.Three conservative supreme court justices refused to attend (Alito,Scalia and Thomas).Boehner bawled and resigned today,claiming that the pope had nothing to do with it.Cruz says that the Pope should stick to church matters,refused to attend, and  is still  working to close down the government over the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood.Pippa may still be passing but Browning would have trouble convincing anyone but…

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