The Octogenarians

This past weekend CNN played reruns of previous broadcasts featuring two of this blogs”pariahs”.Jim Jones and Charles Manson, charismatic individuals of above average intelligence each with a vision of the future that proved attractive to followers of both sexes.The followers themselves, as in most cults, are divided into a large passive group and a small active group with a deep investment in the cause.(More obvious in the Jonestown scenario.)From this group emerge the murderous followers willing to kill to demonstrate the strength of their belief.In the Jonestown group their zeal ultimately exceeds that of their leader who loses his hold on reality and who dies from a gunshot to the head possibly(from other sources than CNN) administered by his last mistress(some sort of paramedical?possibly a nurse) who also presided over the administration of the cyanide cocktails(particularly to the children.)
The acquisition of inexpensive or free land(Ellison’s Invisible Man’s Consolidated Edison’s…

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