The Octogenarians

An early cast member of the Star Trek team referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a blackface clown.This indictment was,among other things,probably meant to wound Thomas’feelings.J.L. has told us that wounding words are damaging and should be refrained from.Justice Thomas is woundable(see Justices/Yale visit this blog)but his self image (whatever that is) seems immune from being affected.Why else would he select the example of slavery to couch his virulent dissent from the “right to marry” supreme court 5 to 4 decision.Certainly his own interracial marriage does not seem analogically relevant to him.
In a world of symbolic interaction one wonders what impact Clarence
Thomas is having on visible minority (especially black)youth.Thurgood Marshall was and is an outstanding symbol by virtue of being an outstanding civil rights attorney and a competent,although not necessarily outstanding jurist.Sonia Sotomayor is both an outstanding lawyer and an outstanding jurist.There appears to be nothing…

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