In the middle of my rereading of Jim Comer’s excellent Maggie’s American Dream, the news of the Charleston massacre at “mother” Emanuel church came across.The story of black and white wary cooperation in the days of sanctioned segregation and the importance of education in effecting a new day still resonates in support of D.S.’ criticism of the dubious essentiality of group membership as a primary basis for thought and action.But the wariness of the interaction supports the notion of atavistic mechanisms that are evolutionarily supported. The image of Manson and his “helter-skelter” mad scheme for bringing about race war and the hooded figure of the Klansman rode in with the news from Charleston.So too the numerous strange fruit harvested in the search for missing civil rights activists in the 60s.So too the image of the white father of a deceased white gunman who recently went after the Dallas police, obviously ill and uneducated, blaming the”liberals” for the laws that allowed police to take away a man’s children.

Dylan Roof ,welcomed into the bible class and remaining for one hour before opening fire with a statement about “stealing our country and raping our women.”channels the Newton killer and James Holmes in the manner of his rampage and the deadliness of his automatic weapon.(This time a handgun birthday gift.) The danger lies not only in proliferation of the act but also importantly in bringing back reincarnations of John Brown in the form of retaliatory Judge Dredds.

In a world of symbolic interaction it is quite possible that despite Rachel Dolezal’s intentions her choice of giving up white status echoed by another within a few days may have been the final evidence needed by a bigoted intellectual lightweight to conclude that there was a real risk of black status exceeding white.The continued leadership of the man in the white house despite continuing efforts to deny him the capacity to lead,must be galling to this man and his  parallels and few internet followers and the ultimate evidence of the loss of white status and privilege.