It is difficult to assert personal power from a base of low status identity that has been conferred from the environs and internalized.It is equally difficult to assert personal power from a base of high status identity conferred by the environs and rejected because of internal conflict.

The Octogenarians

A young woman in Seattle who heads the regional NAACP and who self identifies as black was “outed” by her estranged parents as being white and of German, Czech and English origin, Rachel(her real first name)for the last nine years, has assumed a black activist identity following divorce from a black man.
With no apparent gain in sight (financial or otherwise)her act of assuming a lower status and oft reviled identity has shocked the nation and momentarily gained public attention worthy of that paid to the nationwide policing crisis and the growing pool of presidential candidates.
The country has evidence of what can happen when your card of identity cannot be played within your culture.Rachel is quite competent and not mentally ill.How she acquired identity components that made her unhappy with status occupancy craved by many,if not most; is not essential for us to know but she hasn’t defected to…

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