In addition to the embarrassment of seeing the spread of Isis into Afghanistan and further crumbling of Yemen and more puzzling yet the successful assault on Tikrit with the aid of Iran.(“The enemy of my enemy is my enemy” according to Netanyahu), we’ve had the usual “Politicking” of funny things happening on the way to the White House
Also featured this week we’ve had the (all too frequent) beating of a young black male by police(this time UVA campus police),a surprisingly determined assault on bullying and female stereotyping by Monica Lewinsky,more attacks on Hilary Clinton.(who really can do better.) but most surprisingly an initiative by Starbucks to encourage a conversation about race through its baristas.Voices on the left are expressing outrage that the level is too low and it’s an imposition on the least powerful. Voices on the right are outraged that it is an intrusion on privacy etc etc.
When the powerful express concern about an issue it is likely to have more impact than when the powerless do. Concern for inequity is now being expressed by billionaires.Starbucks action may, be a similar event. (no one is required to engage!)Consider the National Car Rental ad stressing independence and non contact with humans as a desirable mode of interaction. The only similarity between the two initiatives is the cup of coffee toward the end. Take your pick!