There are 28 states in the modern world with women leaders;the U.S.A is not one of them.Ten years ago there were 18 the U.S.A was not one of them. In fact the U.S.A has never had a woman leader and only relatively recently has there been a woman candidate.(There was one before Hilary!)Germany has passed legislation requiring 30% of major corporations in Germany to be headed by women. we do lead in one category in respect to women.In the U.S in excess of 235,000 women are incarcerated in prison,the largest number of women incarcerated in the world.We may also lead in the number of women who have college and above degrees.But Women still make only 75% of what men make for the same work.We must remember that the U.S. is a work in progress and most of us are optimistic that we are moving forward toward fairness and equity of access.The billionaires who are calling for more equitable distribution of american largesse see tax reform as a beginning.(with earned income tax relief the start.).Given the hedging of bets by Wall Street,readiness for Hiiary involves some clarification as to what resources she can command to the cause of needed reform.The tempest in a teapot about her email is more easily dealt with. (sans hubris.)
Sources such as the Tuskegee Institute and the NAACP indicate approximately 4500 lynchings occurred in the eastern USA between 1860 and 1965 with about 3200 lynchings occurring in the Western U.S..On the east coast approximately 3000 of the victims were black and half that number white.On the west coast approximately 1800 were hispanic,1000 were chinese and the rest white. I did not identify women lynchings specifically but I suspect rape statistics could substitute.
When the retrospectoscope looks at Selma it settles on basic training as a reserve officer in the USAF(MC)at Gunter AFB in Montgomery Alabama proclaimed by airport signs as “The Rebel Heart of Dixie”in 1959.It touches on the embarrassed piling of bags in front of me in a shared cab and the even more embarrassed accepting of a tip.It glosses over the disheartening “where he going”from the black porters as I hustled my duffel to the taxistand.It lingers on a run in with the Montgomery police outside a black bar when I sat in my dentist friend’s car clearing my head from smoke and cheap liquor.I guess I had just enough of a buzz to respond, unwisely, to the flashing lights and the ugly”crawl out of there” with “who the hell are you talking to!”.Outside the car in the fresh air I realized that this was not N.Y.C.The Alabama cop looked puzzled as well as angry and surprisingly said “Whar you fum?” I knew better than to say N.Y. so I simply said Gunter AFB and handed over the requested credentials. He saw the “Captain,”acted surprised and angry and was getting little or no support from his buddy who was biting his nails in the squad car. ” Down hyar it’s against the law to sleep in cars” (handing back the credentials and leaving)The disappointing starting up and departure by most of the parked cars told me that he would be back.So I was wide awake and looking out of the open window when they did come back, fortunately to drive on.It pauses longer on the encounter with Martin Luther King, again in the company of my black dentist friend, at the First Baptist Church in Montgomery.(Some six years before the march)The enthusiasm of my handshake and the tiredness of the return handshake spoke of the burden of expectations.The scope goes full circle with my handshake with Jimmy Carter in Newark years later and my inability to sustain his enthused expectations of a NJMS academic leadership and my handshake collapse after five seconds.
A Chinese schoolteacher happily referred to the experience as fulfilling the “Chinese Circle of Life”.
When Johnson committed to civil rights he did so under the pressure of MLK and those early marchers.I believe this triggered the search for a model city.One must ask whether or not a model city can exist without a model state which in turn may not be feasible without a model country.I believe the major competitor for model country status is not Putin’s Russian bear but rather China’s imperial dragon with its 3000 year history.Both of these countries have a history of Potemkin village like falsity.Our tale is yet unfolding.