The Octogenarians

Our country is beset by an epidemic of meanness the focus of which is once again the “undeserving poor” and the visible minorities.The target is the social network that protects the poor from total destitution and despair.Police abuse and impropriety is under protest across the nation.L.R. enjoins”Focus!”at the same time that the mechanism of the blog insists on following the dialogue and commentary.How do we examine the horror of the recent terrorist acts in France and the resurfacing of antisemitism that is centuries old as well as the specter of  a radical Islam purveying an extreme belief set and determined to propogate by the sword?

The microcosm of the New Haven model city can only outline the dilemma but is not useless.With the converging on New Haven of issues involving civil rights, the Panthers.displaced issues from Chicago(The Bobby Seale trial),it is inconceivable that Washington did not provide resources and consultation…

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